Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Office at the Office

Thanks for all your prayers! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with supporters in Lawrence, even though I was unable to make time to visit a few more special people (J and L). The icing on the cake that day was the plane flight out of KC. The man I was sitting next to was a retired professional orchestra conductor. We coversed about his family and occupation, but not really the ministry. When I offered him a free book at the end of the trip and included my recent newsletter, he took a book and asked a few simple questions. "So you raise your own support?" "So what address does the money get sent to?" "Who does the check get made out to?" "We'll be sending in a check." And we deplaned.

This week at the office is busy as we are getting ready to deploy Microsoft Office 2003 software. Tomorrow I'm coordinating advanced Outlook training for 12 people. I'll be at the office about 6:30am or so. As soon as I get these cookies out of the oven, I'll be off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your KS trip went well. It would have been nice to see you...