Thursday, March 10, 2005

2 days...

It's really starting to seem real... My packing time last night has paid off. I'll have a couple of hours of fine tuning tomorrow night--what do I want where and why and how--and my packing should be done. I've decided to take my full-size Bible since that's the one I like the most. However, I'm taking all my notes and journal electronically on my Palm. But then again, I just got offered a journal, so am debating whether or not to pack that. Got a note tonight that God has brought in all the funds I need for the trip and more--Praise God!

I took cookies out to the missions director of Hope Fellowship--my local church. They provided the funds for more than half the cost of the trip. But they've been more than financial supporters--their prayer support and words of encouragement have been tremendous!

To answer the most-asked question today, no, we don't have any updated news on the situation in Asia.

In 36 hours, we'll be checking in at the airport.

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