Friday, March 11, 2005

1 day...

But not really. In less than 12 hours, we will be standing in the DFW airport checking in.

Yesterday we had terrific news as a team. My visa finally came through. But bigger than that was Dia's passport and visa. Her health was so poor over the past year, there was no way she could go on the trip. But over the last four weeks, God has been miraculously healing her. I heard she was out jumping rope with her girls last week! So they prayed and sent off her passport application 8 days before our departure. And here it is--all ready to go and a seat on the airplane beside her husband!

Today the excitement was building all day. 26 hours... 23 hours... 21 hours and 15 minutes... I think the best comment of the day was when one of my teammates stopped by my desk and casually asked, "Hey, Dorinda? Do you have plans for this weekend?" I cocked my head and looked thoughtful. He continued: "Because I was thinking of heading to India this weekend and thought you might want to join me."

I'd like to introduce Jen to you... Jen will be updating my blog for me while I'm gone. So stay tuned for periodic updates. Thanks, Jen!

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