Wednesday, March 09, 2005

3 days...

It's actually about 12:37, but I wanted this posted on the 9th, so I changed the date. I've been busy "mock packing" this evening to see if I can really fit my belongings for 18 days in a large backpack and a medium tote. I think I see success ahead. Now if I just have room to bring gifts back...

Today was another emotional day... I think I'm just hyped inside about the trip and it's coming out through weird emotions? One of my coworkers was a huge blessing to me and even ran a Wal-Mart errand for me over her lunch hour. She's traveled overseas a lot and wanted to make sure I was prepared.

The India Team gathered this evening for chips and salsa and sour cream and stuff at one of the family's homes. We had a good time of laughter and conversation. Pray that we can love each other and encourage each other as a team throughout this trip--being friends, not just traveling companions.

E&N are traveling with us on the trip. They are leaving behind two boys with N's parents. The oldest, Andrew, is 3 years old and has been sick to his stomach since Monday. Please pray!

No new news on the Asia situation. I'll keep you posted if I can.

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