Monday, March 14, 2005

It's underway!

Hello, everyone! I apologize for taking so long to get the first part of this message to all of you, which is that we (GFA staff and families) saw the India team off Saturday morning. Dorinda managed to get all things prepared in time, and everyone seemed to be very excited. It was a blessing for me to be there to see everyone off, and to remember what a privilege it is for all of us to be involved with so many brothers and sisters in the Lord's work on the other side of the world. I know this will be a really powerful time in the lives of our staff who are there!

The team has now arrived safely, and since they are on roughly a 12-hour time difference from us here, they've already spent Monday seeing some of the work. I received this email from Dorinda today with her message to all of you:

"Monday, March 14. We arrived safely this morning and have been seeing Dehli today. We've got a quick dial up connection here at our office in the north region, so I'll see if I can get this to post. [She wasn't able to, which is why I'm including it here.] We just finished touring the new office being built here. When finished, the four floored building will house radio studios, guest rooms, and possibly 100+ students for a Bible School. So much more we've been learning and seeing, but it's hard to know how and what I can put into words for the internet.
It was exciting to me today as one of the brothers was saying, "This is an excellent location for an office" and began to explain. His focus? The location of the office leads to tremendous opportunities to share about Christ at the bus stops, nearby pilgrimage location, next-door Hindu temple... He wasn't just excited about the capabilities for productive administrative work in the new building. He was more excited about the ahnds-on ministry work that would take place.
Thanks for all your prayers!"

Yes, thanks again for all your prayers for the team. I'll let you know more when I know more. You can definitely pray that they will get good sleep tonight (which is right now), since their clocks are probably still adjusting to the time over there. =)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, thanks for keeping Dorinda's blog updated while she is away. It will be nice to follow along her trip. Praise God for everything he has provided!!