Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well, Eric spent Wednesday AM working with Auntie G's laptop and email. Finally found the problem in our server. He created a workaround and we'll get her laptop upgraded when she returns from the conference in Asia. Outlook 2003 here we come.

Thursday mornings we do IT training right after our staff prayer meeting (8-9am). This morning was training our Palm users on using Documents to Go software. I got the training equipment packed and got up to my desk about 9:15... just in time for IT prayer time. I checked my email quickly and headed down the hall to the "studio" to get my visa pictures taken by TD. From there I headed to a meeting with the team that is preparing for India. We spent a little bit of time discussing questions and packing and most of the time praying together. Left the meeting and headed back to the studio to get my prayer card pictures taken. Stopped back by my office to check my email, took a helpdesk call, and then it was time for lunch. Spent the afternoon researching new software for our US office and updating the website list of where our staff speakers will be sharing . Also got an email from my local church saying that they will be financially covering more than a third of the cost for my India trip. PTL!

Tonight was TR's birthday get-together at the Korean leader's home. We ate pizza and potato cakes, chocolate cake and ice cream. We played games...and music... and had a lot of fun. Piano and guitar, from jazz to Gershwin, from worship choruses to hymns, it was a great night.

"Everybody ought to know... everybody out to know... who Jesus is."

P.S. Mom, I got my package in the mail today.

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