Tuesday, February 08, 2005

At 8:59pm, as prayer ended, I thought to myself: "I am tired. My head and nose is stopped up. Or running. Or both. I think I will go to bed. I will not stop and talk to anyone. I will go to bed."

Wouldn't you know that Auntie G's email chose tonight to have problems! I spent about 2 hours at Bro. KP's and Auntie's house working on her laptop and talking with Grande technicians, but to no avail. So we forwarded the important emails to another account and sent them from there. You can pray for Auntie as she is preparing to go to Asia for a conference in two days and these emails are an important part of the preparation.

Now I have the laptop to take to the office early. NOW it's time to shower and head to bed.


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