Saturday, February 12, 2005

I got up this morning about 10:00am. AJ and I fetched doughnuts for Lei (who was already at the office working) and for SE. I cleaned my room and decided to take a nap about 1:00. JD called me about 4:00, waking me up. I worked on cleaning my room--trying to figure out where to set up my new (free) stereo system and what I did with the brackets for my bookcase. I got my closet cleaned... now I just need to finish off my room.

This evening was quiet. I had an opportunity (or two) to go watch a movie and eat pizza, but it was nice just to be at home with a quiet house. Down time is good. So no, I didn't get film developed and I didn't shop for a new backpack and I didn't really fellowship with anyone, but I did manage to sleep more hours than I was awake. And I think I needed that.

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