Sunday, February 13, 2005

We got a phone call today while I was at church that six of our seminary students in India were abducted and badly beaten this morning. They were involved in their regular weekly outreach time--preaching, praying, and distributing Gospel literature--when they shoved into taxis and taken to a secluded location where "there were no less than five to six people beating each brother." Stop by the website to read the full story and PLEASE PRAY!

It was a beautiful day today with temperatures in the70's. We purchased a volleyball and about 14 of us GFA staff had a great time this afternoon playing volleyball. We paused between games to pray for the seminary students. Most of the seminary students, just like you and I, like to set aside time to play volleyball once in a while as a reprieve from their work.

Tomorrow... the start of a new and glorious week!

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