Monday, February 14, 2005

Today is a special day... it's the day before my mother's birthday. Oh, and Valentine's Day. Two of my roommates suprised me with mylar balloons--one had a teddy bear giving me a hug (ooh) and the other balloon said "you're my hero" (That thought is a little scary.).

More importantly, we purchased helpdesk software today. As I was speaking to the software creator, Scott, on the phone, we were talking about return on investment and the purpose of helpdesk software. Scott was talking about businesses and how the software helps them track and use their time and technology more efficiently so they can be more profitable and make more money. Then, knowing what our organization does, he tried to backtrack: "But, I mean, of course, um, you guys aren't interested in the money. But the software would still work."

I corrected him. We are still interested in tracking and using our time and technology effeciently. We still have a bottom line. It's just a little different. Instead of saving time and money to make more money, we're trying to save time and money to use in reaching more souls.

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