Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm quite on the melancholy side tonight. (Not depressed, Mom. Just melancholy. There's a difference! Don't worry! I'll be fine tomorrow.) Despite my day starting at 5:45am, I was still late picking up my coworker and arriving at the office. SC alumni Amy T. stopped by for a late lunch and we spent way too long together (wonderful time!)... crunching my afternoon time. Sam was working on my new Palm, but it was having problems. I was getting a proposal for a training contract....but they didn't have my fax number. I tried to schedule a class for our print room manager to take...only to find out the company had cancelled the class for lack of interest.

My day ended... but I still hadn't written my newsletter. So instead of going climbing with Lei (which I wanted to do since I had been trying to spend time with her all month!), I wrote my newsletter. Finished the rough draft at 8:45. Got home, ate supper, and dwadled so I still didn't have time to go climbing with Lei. (I would have had time if I would have made a fast turn around.)

Pastor's been talking at church about making wise use of our financial resources so that when God wants us to be a part of missions or a special project, we'll have the finances on hand. I've been trying to apply the same thing to my life in time. Organizing my time so that if something comes up I need to do (spend time with someone), my life will be in order and I'll be able to do that.

I thought I was getting better. ButI still flunked today.

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