Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh my! I had not realized just how long it had been since I posted. I must admit, last week was quite hard for me. For some reason, I struggled with a lot of discouragement and edginess. Saturday was a good day of cleaning and relaxing. Sunday I was able to have a GFA display at my church in Frisco and we sold world maps and had free books available. I think we sold about 43 world maps. One couple then sponsored a missionary and myself! A new supporter! I was so excited!

My goal was to start this week right--which I think I did. Starting with prayer last night, getting up on time this morning and spending time with God. Today went much better than most of last week.

Spring travel plans: I'll be in Houston this weekend (Fri-Sat) for Acquire the Fire (ATF) be in San Antonio two weekends after that for ATF. I was supposed attend the Tulsa ATF in March (and was looking forward to seeing Me and Tiff), but that changed since I'll be in India during that time. Then I'll be at the KC ATF April 15-16. I hope to share at Christ Covenant Church in Lawrence on the 17th of April. AH!!! You can pray for me!

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