Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Thank you for praying for the time Joanna and I had to share with the high schoolers on Tuesday morning. We were thrilled at the end when eight Bridge of Hope children were sponsored! Praise God!

I got home from work this evening, exhausted. And of course the phone started ringing immediately. But, this time, it was another staff couple inviting my roommates and I over to their place for supper in 15 minutes. PRAISE GOD! That was a wonderful blessing.

Afterward, I spent an hour and a half at our Joanna's home with her family. Well, actually, with their computers. They got DSL on Tuesday and I went over to check a few things. Sure enough, I found two computers with no virus scan, no firewall, and Windows updates 2 years behind. By the end of the time, the computers and virus scans were updated and we had the firewall going on the router. The SSID was no longer broadcasting and WEP encryptions was working. We finished off the evening with the sound of the ping pong table.

Umm.... I'm trying to figure out how to type the sounds of a ping pong table...

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