Saturday, January 08, 2005

Last night/this morning was Friday Night Extended Night of Prayer. We spoke by phone with Bro. KP who was back in Asia, saw TD's pictures from his trip to Myanmar last month, shared exciting stories of how God is working in the midst of the tsunami, and prayed and prayed and prayed. We closed about 5 this morning.

Quick updates: The effects of the tsunami are larger than anything we can imagine here in the US. If you haven't seen the news, US Secretary-General Annan has been visiting the affected areas and is "shocked" by the damage. Bro. KP reported to us on the phone last night that the devastation is far worse than even he realized. TD, former military and now GFA's main videographer, arrived in Sri Lanka this past week and said, "It looks like a war zone." He said the soil has been literally stripped from the ground.

The three people listed above are not as naive as you and I. They've probably seen more disaster sites in their lives than I've even heard of.

TD spoke with a man yesterday who showed him what was left of his high class hotel. There was only the foundation slab. The hotel down the street didn't even have the foundation slab remaining.

Short facts: 6 million people displaced. 10,000 orphans in Sri Lanka alone. Dalits (low caste Hindus) being forced out of relief camps. Devastation like we've never seen.

Praise God that the Sri Lanka government is allowing GFA to start homes to take care of the orphans until their relatives can find them. Pray as GFA leaders seek to minister to immediate needs and to make effective long term plans. While other aid organizations move on, we'll be staying on. After all, that's who we are.

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