Saturday, November 20, 2004

I was passing a co-worker in the hallway Friday when I decided to ask, "DB, if my sister and I came over to watch your kids, would you be interested in taking your wife out on a date?" Dumbfounded, DB replied that he and his wife had had an evening by themselves only once in the past two years, but he thought they would be very appreciate of the offer.

So Susan and I spent this evening with four delighful youngun's--eating mac and cheese, being "horsies", flying like airplanes, and playing hide and go seek. I hid under the bed--twice. They found me a lot faster the second time. We watched Andy Griffith, read Bible stories, and prayed bed time prayers.

When the happy couple returned, we were paid for our three hours by the joy on their faces.

Oh... and Kimberly soberly informed me I looked "just like Cinderella." Is that a compliment?

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