Monday, November 22, 2004

Today at the ministry was busy when our print server failed to restart after a routine shutdown. Praise God for Altiris--new deployment software that made the day a lot easier. Now I've got a small list of things to take care of tomorrow: unloading/loading the dishwasher, installing database software before the day starts, attending IT meeting, working, shopping for veggies, attending prayer meeting, washing laundry, and packing for Thanksgiving in KS.

I was privileged to have supper with my TX pastor and his wife and family this evening. We've been trying to plan this for four months and finally pulled it off. Pizza and salad and ice cream. We talked about the ministry, our churches, our families, Monday Night Football, and dogs.

5 year old Cassidy told me I looked like Fiona when she's not green. Then she decided, no, you look like Cinderella. That's two comments from two unconnected girls in three days. And I'm still not sure whether looking like Cinderella is a compliment.

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