Monday, October 18, 2004

Where were we on the building tour? Oh, right, here at the photo/videography department. Three people work in this set of offices. SW edits our video footage, Terrill travels to India and the surounding countries to gather photos for the SEND! Magazine and footage for the videos, and DB is our "digital librarian" who keeps all the reports and pictures labeled and sorted. We have several dozen field correspondents throughout the subcontinent of India who are sending reports and stories from the missionaries back to this office so we can encourage you. You can stop by to see the stories that are updated ever day. OR check out the photo of the week. I've been doing quite a bit of work with this department recently. I routed requests for Terrill to get additional laptop batteries before he heads overseas at the end of the month. Talked to Terrill today about staff training he'll be doing on Thursday morning. Worked with SW's Entourage on her G5 Mac.

I stopped by SW's apartment this evening and enjoyed conversing with her. I was tired and having a pity party and needed someone to talk me out of it. And she did. We discussed time with God, dedication, discipline, and much more. I was challenged when she stated: "Each morning, I wake up with excitment, wondering, 'What is God going to show me today?'"

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