Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I spoke briefly this evening with my dentist, Dr. C. He answered a few questions for me and said that I probably have bacteria attacking my lower gums. (Please pray for this to stop/heal.) During the converstion, I asked how he and Mrs. C were doing and he asked, hadn't I heard? He had been volunteering at the GFA booth at Acquire the Fire St. Louis when his back went out on him. He's been flat on his back for four days.

I interrupted him. It was Friday night when this happened, wasn't it? He confirmed that yes, it was late Friday night when his back went out.

Friday night--we had the youth over at our house for the scavenger hunt. After most of the people were gone, about four of us were left playing Nertz. Just as I went to deal my cards for the next round, Dr. C came to mind. I didn't know why, but felt I needed to pray. I considered going into my room and kneeling in prayer, but I was scared of what the others would think. So I prayed a few sentence prayers under my breath asking for strength and healing for Dr. C's back and just the right words to say at the booth. And I continued on with my game.

When I spoke with Dr. C tonight and the pieces came together, I thought perhaps God had been calling me to intercede on his behalf...and I ignore God's promptings. No, I'm not beating myself up over this. Just learning for next time.

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