Sunday, October 31, 2004

My dear friends,
I am sorry for being absent for so long, especially right after I asked you to pray for my trip to KS. My computer at home has been throwing fits and making it time-consuming to post to my blog.

Thank you for your prayers for my trip to KS. I enjoyed my time there, encouraged/was encouraged by several supporters, visited friends at Plainview Mennonite Church, shared with various peoples at the college, and stayed up late talking too many nights. God gave me a lot of favor and grace--because of your prayers.

One of my office projects this week was phone training for the Call Center. On the weekends, they forward the calls that come from radio listeners to a cell phone so the call center staff can talk to supporters without having to be at the office. In the past, IT has always had to redirect the calls for them. But this week, I figured out how THEY can do it. So we created documentation and trained three people in the call center. Empowering others.

Please pray for me as I've been coughing all week. I think it's leftover from my asthma acting up last Friday, but I would really like it to get better.

You are a blessing!

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