Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today's projects: More Palm questions. Fixed one problem. Created another. Started to learn more about Nehemiah--our Linux Red Hat 7.3 server. Promised a guy named Alan cookies for fixing Nehemiah. Watched Pat work on Auntie G's laptop. SMTP problems.

Spent this evening with Rob and Ali. We have an admirable trade. They feed me supper and I work on their home computer. Rob works in the Missions department at GFA--he works with the office in Asia to get all the missionary profiles and pictures and information and updates to be sent out the supporters. Ali has fybromyalgia, so has a hard time coming into the office. She works at home, editing and proofing the hundreds of missionary testimonies that come in to the office.

Valuable people...doing valuable work. And you're a part of it.

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