Thursday, September 30, 2004

Went in early to the office to prepare for this morning's IT training tip. It was about 7:00 when I was standing in the second floor "rotunda" and watching the beautiful sunrise. Sun rises make me wax poetic. I began to imagine writing all these touching narratives and poems. In each imagined narrative, there was a valiant computer person who labored long and hard to help people. She answered questions and fixed computers and crawled under desks to tie up the many cords. But each of the narratives persisted in ending as our hero banged her head painfully on the desk when backing out. The dream shatters into a dozen dancing stars and the blinding light of the newly-risen sun.

Worked on Nehemiah again...slowly learning. Answered a few more Palm questions, researched an Outlook question, researched reverse proxy server... And was grateful to each of you.

Prayers for: unity and real relationships between those of us living in the house, guidance for trips to KS (Oct 22-25) and AR and KY, sleep and time to do things I need to do.

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