Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What did I work on today? Palms. The electronic kind, not the fleshly kind. SF travels to churches all around the US to share the ministry of Gospel for Asia and challenge people to sponsor native missionaries. He carries his travel iternary, his maps, the American Airlines flight schedule, his speaking outlines, Pastor names and contact information, conference notes and much more on his Palm. T works with Bro. KP Yohannan and manages both her Palm and his Palm. Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, phone numbers, speaking outlines, traveling information, the Bible, books... it all goes along. KD is a busy mom, daily dividing her time between the office and home. She uses her Palm to work on office documents and catch up on office email when she can't be at the office.

And your support allows me to be here to answer their questions. Or try to, anyway. I've installed new software on my Palm in the last two weeks to try to simulate their working environment. And I've purposely messed my Palm up to try to fix it like theirs get fixed.

But I really don't know that much. Maybe that why my Palm has errors.

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