Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today was a little crazy. PE had a headache, SS had a headache, I was a... never mind. It started out when Dhaka (one of our loaner laptops) decided to stop recoginizing the PCMCIA network card. Or if it did, the computer would freeze three minutes later. The day just got crazier from there as we got new drivers for the full page document scanner for Gift Entry. SS installed the new drivers and then the scanner wouldn't work at all. Oh, and while he was off doing that, I found out the Call Center color printer was on the fritz. SS stayed for an extra hour+ after work--on the phone with HP technicians trying to get it working. SS is an amazing blessing. He does so much that I flat out never learned to do on computer. Drivers and printers are not my strong suites. But just like the Body of Christ, each of us has a separate part.

I did go running this evening with Lei. We finished up our walk by moonlight at the nature preserve. Almost at the end of the path, we heard a rustling in the bushes/reeds. "That's probably a snake," I suggested. Fascinated, Lei and I paused and peered through the dark to see if he would come out. The rustling got louder and closer and I was beginning to get worried. The rustling was sounding like one VERY HUGE snake. Closer and closer the sound came until it stopped just before the bushes met the sidewalk. Then the head appeared--almost 5" across! I panicked, wondering if the snake had a head that big around, how big was the rest of it? I had literally turned to run down the path when I heard Lei say:

"Oh, it's an armadillo!"

(No, the head wasn't 5" across, but the body of the armadillo was. Remember, it was dark.)

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