Monday, September 20, 2004

One of the many things I did this morning was help set up a laptop and projector for the Inductive Bible Study classes. 25 pastors from all over the US have gathered to learn to how to teach inductive Bible study. Later... no, I'm not sure I can write that. You see, anything I post here can not only be read by you, but can also be read by the anti-Christian elements in SE Asia. So that's one reason you don't get more breaking news from the field than you do. But nonetheless, there is a connection. You help me, I help the leaders here at the office, the leaders help the pastors and the pastors help the Bible Schools. We're all a part of the body of Christ.

Speaking of the body, mine is going to be sore tomorrow. I played Ultimate Frisbee for the first time since May. Too many players, so we had to trade in and out all the time. That was good since I am REALLY out of shape. Enjoyed it--Monday nights are targeted for beginners, so it was perhaps less intense than their regular games. That was fine with me. Compared to Sterling, there was a lot more short passing and fewer long passes. Also, less "leading" people with the frisbee. Mainly just straight tosses. Perhaps that had to do with the teams never being the same two points in a row.

Speaking of body, we discovered whodunit tonight at S's birthday party. Six of us gathered at Krispy Kreme to puzzle through the clues. After one incorrect accusation, S successfully accused Col. Mustard, the wrench, and the ballroom.

This body is tired.

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