Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dental Days #6&7
No, I didn't get lost! When I left Tuesday morning, Dr. and Mrs. C asked if I was going to stay all night with my relatives and I said no. However, I knew I might be late coming back, so I took my antibiotics and my toothbrush stuff with me.

Now it's Wednesday night and I still haven't made it back to Dr. C's house. I spent last night with my mom's second cousin and am spending tonight with my one of my first cousins once removed. We visited, toured Grant's Farm, ate at Ted Drews, and went to a Jazz Concert at the Botanical Gardens. Now I'm getting ready for bed. I'll head back to Dr. C's tomorrow morning.

I'm sure your prayers were at work this afternoon. While I was placidly touring Grant's Farm with cousin Linda, the cell phone was turned off and I had no idea that Dr. C was fratically leaving voicemails. DHL lost the impressions that we sent to the lab on Monday. For three nail-biting hours, Dr. C was calling DHL, the crown lab in California, and Linda's cell phone. When I finally called to check in with Dr. C this evening about 7:30 (having no idea anything was wrong), Dr. C was glad to report that DHL found the impressions, they are being delivered to the lab at 8AM tomorrow, and we'll have them back Saturday afternoon.

So... instead of getting these irritating plastic imitation teeth out of my mouth tomorrow, we get to practice patience until Saturday. PRAISE GOD!

Thanks for your prayers. Keep praying.

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