Thursday, July 01, 2004

Back at "home away from home" - Dr. and Mrs. C's. And oh, it feels good.

Dr. C and I are having the most fun conversations! Most of you know that I have "anosmia" (i.e. I don't have a sense of smell.). What a suprise it was to find out that Dr. C has the same problem! Neither of us have a sense of smell. And neither of us realized we had the problem until we were in high school.

We have so much alike in this regard... We both have a sweet tooth--especially for chocolate! We like mint/peppermint flavored things, applesauce, and crackers that are flavored (i.e. cheddar triscuits). And the major criteria for deciding if we like a certain food? Convenience!

Mrs. C just laughs at us. It's interesting... when we went grocery shopping this afternoon, Mrs. C knew what I would and wouldn't like (and what I wouldn't be able to taste a difference in) since my likes and dislikes are almost identical to her husband's. When the three of us sit down to eat, those of us with anosmia are the majority!

Please continue to pray that the crowns will arrive safely on Saturday morning and pray that a dental assistant will be available to help put them in!

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