Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A praise and a prayer...

Thanks to all who have been praying for the really expensive teeth situation. God has answered. There is a dentist in IL who supports the ministry of GFA. Dr. KP Yohannan told him about my situation and this dentist volunteered to do all my dental work for free! So I'm buying an airplane ticket for the end of June and heading to IL to stay with this dentist and his wife for 10 days while he works on my mouth. PTL!!!

Pray...that the dates all get worked out for this trip. I would like to attend the ACT1 reunion in KS if God works that out...

Today, the dentist, Dr. C. called to talk to me. The receptionist couldn't find me at the time and so transferred him to my voice mail. When the receptionist saw me later, she exclaimed, "Oh, Dorinda! I just transferred Dr. Jekyll to your voice mail."

Dr. Who?

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