Monday, May 17, 2004

Busy today with computer this and that. The Korean printer needed some settings figured out. JD didn't have the permissions she needed to add new questions to the intranet. T's computer had some kind of funny message. (We checked T's computer and it had gotten bogged down with over 400 spyware files!)

I found out at 10 this morning that it was my week to clean one of the ladies bathrooms. About 4 this afternoon, my cousin asked if I would help the young people clean the building that evening so he could go play basketball. I owed him big time, so I said yes.

We got the building cleaned by 7:00 and then I started cleaning my assigned bathroom. Halfway through, I discovered I was cleaning the wrong bathroom, so I started over on the correct bathroom.

Finished cleaning and called a prayer/financial supporter in Maryland. It was my first time to talk with them and I was blessed and encouraged. B&L are going through a challenging time with health problems and finances. Pray for them. B is not yet 60 and has been diagnosed with alzheimer's.

I'm getting ready to head to Sterling this weekend...

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