Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Two brief comments today...

Funny: Pastor Wolfgang from Germany was sharing with us last week. Although he can converse in English, he prefers to preach in German. At the beginning of his message, Pastor Wolfgang was greeting us in English. He mentioned that Auntie Gisela (Dr. KP Yohannan's wife) was translating his message for him. (Auntie Gisela is German.) He tried to compliment Auntie Gisela by saying, "I have a wonderful interpreter." EXCEPT... He got the emphasis on the wrong syllable and it came out as, "I have a wonderful interrupter."

Not-so-scientific plagarism: C. did a wonderful write up on her blog about the damage done by the F4 tornado that passed through my home area last week.

"The S--'s that totally lost their house in the tornado (F4) last week - the 300 gal propane tank was found over a mile away. There were five vehicles in the yard, one of them a two ton truck; they were completely torn up and parts were found... (read more here)

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