Saturday, May 15, 2004

Guess what? Ultimate Frisbee is going to _____!

Bro. CM leads a Bible School in one of the most closed countries in Asia. The students at this Bible Schools like to host athletic competitions--inviting lots of other schools to come for volleyball and soccer competitions. Then they sell expensive concessions to the visiting students to fund the Bible School. They also use this opportunity to share the Gospel.

Hearing this, I spoke with our leader and told him about the game of Ultimate Frisbee. And this afternoon, I had the privilege of gifting a brand new Ultimate Frisbee (including game instructions) to Bro. CM for the students to use. Bro. CM explained the athletic competitions to me and then said, looking at the frisbee, "This year, they will have a new game to play!"

Email me for more information! I can't post it on the web. AND PRAY for the students at this Bible College. The persecution is severe and the government regulations are strict. But God is working.

So each time you play UF or think about the good ol' days at SC, pray for the students as they play and labor and prepare to reach Asia with the Gospel.

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