Sunday, May 16, 2004

At the same time I purchased an 8' jump rope for my sister for her birthday, I purchased two 14' jump ropes for the kids at the office to use. You see, after Sunday evening fellowship or after Tuesday night prayer, all the young'uns informally gather in the side parking lot to play whatever their heart desires. Red Rover, tag, football, Joseph and the coat of many colors...

Tonight was the first night I brought out both of the 14' jump ropes. "Double Dutch!" the cry went out. Everybody wanted to try, but nobody could successfully turn. Julie and I were the turners, but we could only turn out and we couldn't do it if someone wanted to start in. We kept messing up. And the kids were messing up too...most of them didn't know how to jump double dutch. Some of them were just learning how to jump one rope!

Thirty minutes later, Julie and I had figured out how to slow the ropes down.

Forty-five minutes later, we figured out how to start the ropes if the jumper didn't want to run in.

Sixty minutes later, we figured out how to turn in. (Which way are you supposed to turn double dutch ropes?)

Ninety minutes later, our arms fell off. At that point, we packed up the ropes, picked up our arms, and teddy bear teddy bear said good night.

"Good night!"

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