Friday, February 17, 2012

Not moving... just weird...

I know I mentioned it in the New House - WHAT??? post, but it really is strange trying to set up house based on the assumption that I'm not going to be moving in the next 12-24 months.

Example: I have four under-the-bed boxes that always get stored under my bed.
Box #1: Stationary, construction papers, markers, home-office-in-a-box.
Box #2: Picture albums, photo collections, scrapbooks, collage supplies.
Box #3: Favorite knick-knacks for decorating in general or for a specific holiday.
Box #4: Electronics, batteries, wires, toolbox, plug adapters, hardware.

They've lived in those same boxes since circa July 2005.  Each move, I haul them out from under my bed, stack them in the moving vehicle, and unload them under my bed in the new place. Worked great.

And it still works great.  Day 4 after move-in.  Boxes unpacked: 0.  Mr. A needed new AA batteries for his trimmer.  I pulled out the right box and located batteries in about 90 seconds.

Only problem.  Mr. A. doesn't know those boxes like I do.  Perhaps those things should have an actual home in our new house where everyone knows where to find them?  I've thought about creating a "battery box" on a certain shelf where all the batteries would be kept.  The only thing keeping me from doing it is the now-outdated "but-what-if-we-move-in-a-year-and-I-have-to-repack-everything" fear.

Crazy. I know.  So is the idea of living out of something besides a suitcase!

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