Sunday, February 12, 2012

Moving Day!

It was moving day!  I could go on and on about the wonderful people who have helped us get to this point.  Melissa, Joni, Virginia, Josh, and Cecilia who helped me scrub the house.  Mom and Dad Gates and L who have spent hours on cleaning, fix-it projects, and packing.  Church family who has helped track down help and unloaded our boxes. And other friends (more than I can list) who let us borrow their hand trucks, use their paint sprayers, and organize our kitchen.  Friends who let us call them at 9:45 at night to move a 600lb piano, fix our pipes, or share an air compressor.  We are so blessed!

More stories than I can tell and more credit than I can give.  But I'm exhausted, so a few pictures will have to suffice...
Tuesday Night.  10:00pm.  10 degrees outside.  Snow on the ground. Mr. Amazing.  A wonderful dad.  Two incredible friends.  Unloading a 600 lb piano.  Wow.
 Sunday afternoon.  Signs up for the moving party.
The start of furniture in the baby room.
Lots of boxes to unpack!  (And couch cushions that Josiah and Benjamin thought it was fun to jump on!)
Moving friends.  (Minus Bob and Patti and Dave R. who had to leave early.)  Love the diversity of the group.  One friend from GFA.  One friend from Sterling.  One friend from Taylor. One friend from Atlanta. Two friends from our local life group.  All live in our area now.  And family! :)

To the bump addicts: too bad I left my jacket on... ;-)  But yes, that is my bump, not just jacket pooch.


Jennifer said...

Yay for moving day! Only because it means moving into your own house...I really dislike moving! We moved when I was 9 mo pregnant with Anna (actually ended up being the weekend before she was born). That was NOT fun but we had so much help that most of my house was unpacked and put away by the time she arrived! Have fun "setting up house"!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you an you're crew had some success! Hope the settling in goes smoothly