Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trips, Friends, and Weddings

Another road trip!  This time from Colorado to Indiana to Michigan to Indiana to St. Louis to Colorado.  But we're still on the "Indiana" part of the trip.  We'll leave for St. Louis tomorrow.  The purpose of the trip: share about Missions IT opportunities with students at Taylor University and at Calvin College and then attend a friend's wedding.

In between busy schedules, we got our newsletters sent out with the news to "Celebrate!"
We missed pictures of our time at Taylor U. with the students. :(

We did get to see friends and supporters while we were en route to Michigan.
Friends that we played air hockey with.  My worthy opponent scored the game ending goal!
And... friends put us up at the Essenhaus Inn for our 2nd Anniversary.  It was delightful!
The quilt and handicraft shops were (genuine) old farm buildings.
And you could go up inside the silo!
And look out the top!
On the nearby streets, there was lots of traffic - both 4 wheeled and 4 legged!
Then up to Calvin College to talk to students there!
 Then back to Indiana for a wedding!
Us and the bride and groom!
And with good friends (eh?)
And finally, just for you, dear readers, the only picture that comes anywhere close to showing the tiny bit of a baby bump that (if you can imagine really well) I might have...

Tomorrow - HOME!  Well, at least heading that general direction. :)


Jennifer said...

You're glowing! :) I can totally see the baby bump :)

Angie K. said...

Yes, you were certainly glowing!! It was so nice to see you at the wedding - and to have the chance to rejoice with you in person. :)

Leslie said...

Definitely a bump! And major congratulations to the Crims. I had no idea David was engaged! (That's what happens when you miss an ICCM.)