Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friends, Friends, Friends

This post is really, really, really belated, but for the fun of it...

When Mr. Amazing and I drove back from Seattle at the end of September, we detoured through Oregon so I could meet several friends that I had only emailed with or talked with via computer.  Include a random stop in Utah and we had a ton of fun!

Stop #1: Mt. Saint Helens.  That missing top/gaping hole in the mountain just flabbergasts me!

Stop #2: Meeting a LightSys volunteer that I had worked with via phone and email.  (And she is SUCH a blessing to me and the ministry!)  She wonderfully packed a last minute picnic supper for us and we had great fellowship with her and her children.

Stop #3: An overnight stay with gracious hosts Aaron and Lindsay and their three blessings.  In conversation, they recalled Greg's last visit in Jan '09.  Greg had seemed distracted, caught up in thought, and often sighed.  We did the math and realized the cause: it was the day before Greg asked me about pursing a relationship.  So yes - he had a lot on his mind!  (So glad I said yes!)  We had a good laugh over the memories!  Thanks for your hospitality, Aaron and Lindsay!

Stop #4: A quick detour by old friends (people I actually HAD met before).  So great to see and visit with the Dawes!  (Their daughter Jen is a good friend at GFA.)  They graciously loaded us up with Hanson soda and Sunchips on our way out. :)

 Stop #5: Bend, OR so I could meet the chairman of the LightSys board and his wife.  I had talked with him via phone and computer, but hadn't met them yet.  Again, gracious hosts and much fun!

Stop #6: Ogden, UT for a late lunch.  We randomly rendezvoused with college friend Angelynn and friends for a quick lunch.  So good to see her and her brothers again after 9+ years (and meet her boyfriend Ben)!

And then came the end of the trip.  We stopped for a rest day at Arches National Park in Utah (see Greg's amazing post) and then traveled on home to Colorado.  SO blessed to be a part of the family of Christ and to have so many people rooting for us, praying for us, and encouraging us -- thank you!

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