Friday, September 09, 2011

Where Our Healthcare Dollars Go

Do you know what your healthcare dollars pay for?  Each month, you send off your monthly premium (or watch it get deducted from your bank account), but do you know what it pays for?  What are you supporting with that?

I know.  Well, I don't know what YOUR healthcare dollars pay for.  But I know what OURS pay for.  Last month, it helped cover baby delivery costs for a young Christian couple in Colorado.  This month, it's going towards hip surgery for a mom who works at LeTourneau University.  And our extra funds are helping a 13 year old girl fight ovarian cancer in Texas.

Each month, Greg and I eagerly await the arrival of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter to see what our assigned "need" for the month is.  This month, we were excited (and amazed) to find out that we were sending our gift off to a family that has hosted us numerous times on our road trips!

And I just thought that was cool!  One more way that we get to bear each others burdens as brothers and sisters in Christ.  And isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

If you're Christian and you're wondering about affordable options for medical expenses, I would encourage you to check out Samaritan Ministries.  We love it!  Whether we're sharing in someone's expenses or they are sharing in ours, it's been a blessing all the way around!

No, I didn't get paid to write this post.  I simply got so excited this month when we discovered that we personally knew the people we were helping that I had to write.  This was just too fun!

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ginabnina said...

Sounds like a pretty cool, logical, and reasonable concept!! (Don't even get me started on benefits packages, private-pay insurance, children, Obama, and health care reform/deform. The rant is long....) What a blessing to be part of a system that makes sense!