Thursday, September 22, 2011

Travel Update

Hi blog readers!
For those of you who know we're road, this an update!
For those of you who don't know we're on the road - guess what!?!  We're on the road!

Just before our trip, we had a great time fellowshipping with supporters who were traveling through Colorado Springs.
In reference to the trip, I told them, "It's just a short three week trip and we only have one major stop. So it's not that big of a deal."

I forget that when a trip includes driving 3,094 miles through 6 states over 3 weeks, most people don't define it as "not that big of a deal."

We camped in Idaho on our way out to Seattle and had a beautiful, full moon over Lake Walcott.

Then drove the rest of the way to Seattle.  We're here working on the Kardia software project for Action International Ministries.  (English for the newcomers: LightSys is creating financial software for ACTION.)  The last BIG piece is being put into place this week and Greg has been HARD at work.

We're seeing more computer screens these days than beautiful lakes.  And yes, Seattle has been giving us cloudy, rainy weather (with a couple sunny days tucked in!).

* For strength and focus as we pour ourselves into this project for the next week.  Lots of things still to do.
* For God to go before us.
* For the database cutover to go smoothly.  (What?  Yes, I know you don't understand what that means. It's okay.  God does.)

* Safe travels to Washington!
* Wonderful host home!
* Good work on the project so far!
* Good fellowship time with a missionary back from the Philippines.  I so enjoy hearing what God is doing on the field!  The Gospel is going forth -- and that's why we do what we do!

(Random note: When the missionary asked what our roles were, I said: "You know those reports you get each month that let you know how much financial support has come in?  And give you your donor updates?  We write the software that sends you those reports!"  We got a big thank you! after that. :)
Okay, a little, tiny, ultra-cute "thank you" in the form of a keychain. :)  A reminder to pray for those we serve.


Rachel Malay said...

I think I know what "database cutover" means! I've been picking up what I can, using an integrated library system for automated cataloging and checkout for the last few months. And I took a database class as part of my graduate work. The more I work with computers, the more I wish I could go back and get a computer degree. Keep these updates coming so this closet nerd can vicariously "live" through you! ;) Will be praying too!

D said...

Proud of you, Rachel! You really are turning into the techie! I'm not surprised - librarians often do. :) Thanks for the prayers and we'll try to keep things updated!