Thursday, May 05, 2011

Practical Update - Interns Coming!

Hi everybody!

I know things have been quiet on here.  I keep forgetting to pull out my camera and the blogs I read tell me that no one wants to read a blog that doesn't have pictures.  So then I feel guilty.  And I don't post.  And sure enough - nobody reads the things I don't post.  Hmm....

A couple quick practical updates... let's try bullet points. :)
  • We have three college interns coming to work with us here at LightSys this summer!
  • Our interns are... a Dutch student from Canada, an MK from Kenya, and a Californian.  Lots of cultural exchange here this summer!
  • The first intern arrives in 10 days (assuming his visa arrives on time)!  Wow - soon!
  • Mr. Amazing and I have now been in CO home for 5 consecutive weeks!  Woo-hoo!  We haven't been in one place that long since September of last year.  3 weeks has been average.
  • Hurrah for taking time this weekend to refocus and regroup before the interns arrive and the summer road trip starts!  Pray for rejuvenation and rest for us!!!
  • Praise God for housing for the all the students while they are here!  He's provided so wonderfully!
Okay - that's enough updates for right now.  I'm off to sleep.  Yes, s...l..e...e..p.....


~~Rhonda said...

I always enjoy reading your updates. Sounds like an exciting summer ahead for you! ~~Rhonda :)

D said...

Thanks, Rhonda! It definitely is looking to be a busy summer... and it's coming faster than we can imagine! Thanks for your prayers and hope you guys are doing well!

SjirkJan said...

Correction... Make that a Frisian