Monday, April 04, 2011

Never Give Me a Mic

Was it at our wedding?  Or just after we were engaged?  Pastor Mike made some kind of comment about the dangers of giving Dorinda a microphone.  And those of you who know me know that's about right!  The quote came up again yesterday. :)

We visited another church in town yesterday, seeking to see where the Lord would have us plug in with a church family.  (You can pray for this for us.)  The church was small enough that they introduced visitors as part of the morning service.  Since we didn't have someone to announce us, Greg patted me on the back and said, "Go for it, honey."  So I did.

I stood up in the row and introduced us saying that we were new in town, so they could all invite us over for supper... er, umm, I mean, come to our place for lunch!

Quote the pastor, "You fit right in!"

And what happened after the service?  We got invited out to lunch!  A couple in the church makes it a weekly habit to invite someone home with them for lunch and well, we got picked this time!  "Sometimes we have a hard time finding people, but you just volunteered yourselves!"  And we got another future invite from someone else!

We climbed in our van to head to our lunch host's home and Greg chuckled and said, "Oh, Dorinda."

"You know not to give me a mic!"  I teasingly protested.

"You didn't have a mic!" said Greg.  "In fact, you didn't need a mic!"

I'm so glad my husband loves me!!!!! :)

P.S.  During the ensuing lunch conversation, we discovered that our hosts were good ol' Sterling College graduates.  The husband had roomed in Kilborne next door to my uncle!  He remembered my uncle.  Apparently my uncle and roommates smashed a watermelon on our new friend's dorm room floor...


Unknown said...

I know not to give you a mic.....

you and your small world moments make me grin

have a good week

D said...

Thanks, LT! Gotta love friends who know you (and still love you)! You have a good week too!