Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nesting in a New Place

Almost every time we get "home" from a road trip, I get the urge to cook. Bread, cookies, homemade chicken broth - you name it! Maybe it's my way of feeling at home.

And this time I have a new place to nest in! The last month has been busy as we've moved to a new home (more info in the upcoming posts). But today was our first unscheduled day in our new apartment. So I had to celebrate by cooking. :)

This evening, I had multiple things going.

3lbs of hamburger browning for tacos and casseroles (to be frozen)

Bubble Pizza in the oven (for supper)

A "Welcome to Our New House" cookie for Greg. Oh, and I was testing my crockpot to see if it boiled on low and at what temperature since we're at 5,000 feet or so.

My kitchen was busy. :)


Unknown said...

Looks good!

So what did you discover in your crock pot experiment?

D said...

I found out that my when my crock pot is set on low, the water insides reaches 202 degrees and it boils. Our elevation here is about 6200 feet.

I also found out today that thin spaghetti takes about 10 minutes to cook, not 6 like the package says.


J said...

Planning on getting a pressure cooker to get some higher temperatures when needed?

D said...

Pressure Cooker: I have thought about it, J. But it'll probably wait until we have a house. A bit bulky for the apartment. :)