Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami Prayers

Greg and I started visiting churches in our new town today.  We thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and worship at Rocky Mountain Calvary this morning.  We stopped by The Springs Church this evening and found ourselves in the middle of a missions prayer meeting!  It was so good to join with others in interceding for the world.  The lady who sat down next to me was from Japan.  Yurika and I ended up talking quite a bit.

In 1995, I spent 10 weeks in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan and I have a second cousin who still lives there.  (Niigata is the prefecture/state just west of where the nuclear plants are having problems.)  At left -- a sixteen year old Dorinda with two Japanese friends. :)  So Japan has really been on my heart!

I've enjoyed following The Takameter - a blog by Asian Access missionaries in Japan. I don't know this family personally, but they are "friends of friends."  The husband is in Sendai with a relief team.  Sue (the wife) is home sick with the kids! Stop by their blog to find out how to pray for them and others!

Looking for ways to give?  Consider giving through the Asian Access ministry.  They are partnering with over 1200 churches throughout Japan and have teams on the ground in the worst affected areas.

A picture from The Takameter -- a darling baby that was supplied with diapers by the Asian Access relief team! :)  You can read the story in this blogpost.

More fun pics tomorrow, but I had to share these things tonight.

Prayer Requests:
* For Yurika's brother in Tokyo. He needs to know the Lord.
* For healing, grace, and protection for Sue T. while her husband is away with the relief team for two weeks.  She's taking care of the kids AND just came down with the flu!
* For safety for the relief teams as they minister.
*For the Japanese people to be open to the Gospel and for the teams to share effectively!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dorinda- I'm so touched that you shared our story and especially our prayer requests- thank you SOO much. It means a lot. Please keep in touch with us!

D said...

Glad to, Sue! That's what the body of Christ is for! Glad I can be a part in this small way. Continuing to pray for spiritual protection for you, the family, and the team!!!