Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving Days

I know what the blog looked like.  Road trip, road trip, road trip,
s-i-l-e-n-c-e, NEW PLACE!  I think everyone knew that we'd been praying about a new HQ location for LightSys for the last two years, but the time of prayer and board recommendation in Dec/Jan went almost un-mentioned.

(Visiting supporters during the road trip.)

Colorado Springs has become our new home.  Greg and I and summer interns will headquarter here and our other staff will stop through on road trips.  (Note: the address for donations will remain in GA for the time -- no change there!!!)  We've been blessed with an adorable apartment, a shared office with ministry partners, and the love and encouragement of spiritual mentors here in the area.

This is permanent (well, until the Lord changes things...). We are changing our drivers licenses, getting new tags for the van, and praying about buying a house.  And we might only travel 30% of the year instead of 70% of the year!  (We'll see...)

But here's a few moving pics for you! :)
The living room in Kansas while I was packing.  I should have snapped another photo after the boxes were stacked ceiling high!

Greg and the moving truck.  We reserved a 16' truck and they ended up charging us for a 10' truck and giving us a 24' truck!  Talk about room - we almost could have put our van inside instead of driving the van to CO!

 Our moving crew after loading the truck.  Thanks, Dennis and Kent and L and Mother and Dad! Yes, that's the truck fully loaded.  Ever seen a moving truck so empty?

The moving truck and the Kansas sunset.  Greg and I (and my sister L) left for Colorado the next morning with the van.  My parents followed the next day with the moving truck.

Getting to say good-bye to Grandma Grace before we left.  She's smiling for the picture. :)  And she prayed with us.  It was a good good-bye.

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