Friday, September 17, 2010

Supper at a Valentine Diner

Greg and I decided to invite my sister Lucinda to join us for supper tonight and we checked out a new diner that opened up in town.  Although, I guess it's really an old diner.

When I was growing up, the diner looked like this.  (Photo from the KHS pages.)

About five years ago, someone bought it and restored it and then sold it to someone else to run.  Then it looked like this:
It closed down and then just recently (2 months ago) re-opened as Skinner's Diner.  There are about 10 seats inside this Valentine Diner.  (You can read about this diner and other Valentine Diner's at the Kansas Historical Society webpage.)  And this evening, all the stools were filled and we watched as they took fresh ground beef and shaped it into patties for our hamburgers.  I should have taken pictures!  The neighbor boy from my growing up years stopped through and said hi.  Editors of the local newspaper came in to eat.  We chatted with the guy who sat down next to us and found him to be the pastor of a newer church in town!

Anyway - enough said.  We had a good time there and then headed to my parent's place where I scanned some photos and downloaded some files.  I'm reading the book of Esther this week for Sunday School class assignment, so stopped by to download the mp3 files.  And we laughed.  Laughter is a good thing. :)

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