Saturday, September 18, 2010

For the Birds in Cars

The local theater is undergoing renovation after having been closed for the last several years and there was supper and movie held at the local park tonight as a fundraiser.  I can't believe I forgot my camera!!!  It was a beautiful evening for a cookout and auction and movie.  Lots of the town folk were out and I saw people I hadn't seen since my high school years working as a soda jerk at the drugstore's soda fountain.  Made me feel like I live in a quaint little small town. :)  I like that.

The movie? Cars.  I thought it was a good pick considering the number of people in town who have farming or automotive backgrounds.  Lots of laughter!  And the big screen?  The side of a semi-trailer!  How appropriate!  My parents and sister came for the evening too, so it was fun laughing with them!

My biggest laugh for the evening?  Spotting the birds from the short For the Birds in one of the road scenes in Cars!  Greg and I both spotted the birds on the power line and burst out in laughter!  We had to pull out our copy of the DVD when we got home to freeze frame it and yep - we spotted the little birds on the wire and the big bird on the phone pole!

Did you know they are the only non-automotive characters in the film?  Cool facts here. :)

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