Monday, September 06, 2010

Garage Band

No, not the program on your Mac.  A garage band.  You know, the thing they named the software after.

I walked over to the nursing home this evening to take my grandmother some fresh peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and discovered it was a beautiful evening.  About 80 degrees, but the strong breeze (read: wind!) kept the air moving.  As I returned home, dusk was settling over the small town and broken stanzas of country music was wafting down the alley.

I stopped in at the trailer and nabbed my husband for a quick walk.  We meandered down the block until we could see the source of the music.  Sure enough, there in a garage were four guys set up with their guitars and trap set and fiddle - working on their music.  I knew a couple of the guys - the local auctioneer (and worship leader at a local church) and a school teacher - but I didn't know the other two.  The drummer's stool had pliers and screwdrivers scattered at the base.

We chatted with them briefly, discovering they had been hired to play at an upcoming wedding.  They hadn't come up with their group's name yet.  Maybe "The Really Cheap Band."

Gotta love a small town. :)

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Unknown said...

Speaking of a breeze/wind, Mike is up in Boston now and everyone was preparing for the remnants of the hurricane coming through last week. They were forecasting wind gusts of up to 40 mph. :-)

Mike didn't think that sounded too impressive. And sure enough, our weather here during the same time period had winds gusting up to 43 mph for no good reason, other than that it's Kansas. ;-)