Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fish Fry --> Kids in our Pew

Ah... the joys of settling back in after a long road trip.  We always find out that we're more tired than we think we are and we spend the first two weeks (or more) trying to catch up on sleep, catch up on overdue emails and projects, and refresh ourselves emotionally and spiritually.  We love traveling, but it still tends to wear us out.  You can pray for rest in all areas of life for us. :)  And wisdom for planning our next trip. :)

But in the meantime, we're settling back into small town life.  We stopped by a friend's fish fry just after getting back.  We knew only the host, so amused ourselves trying to play horseshoes.  One man was amused by us too, so he stopped us and tried to show us how to do it right.  "Here," he said.  "Hold this."  And he handed us his beer while he demonstrated proper technique for throwing a horseshoe.  No, this wasn't really our usual "church crowd."

As we were feasting on scrumptious fish, we sat down at a picnic table and were introduced to another couple, P. and A.  We started telling them our "how we met" story and they responded by telling us that they met in prison.  P. got out of jail first and got a house ready for A.  14 years and 4 kids later, they're still together.

We asked P. and A. if they had a local church and suddenly ended up in a theological conversation about why people in the Old Testament had to sacrifice animals and why Christ had to die for us.  We talked for an hour and a half with them - sharing the truths of the Gospel and about the wages of sin and the payment of Christ.  By the end of the time, we asked if they wanted us to take their kids to church with us in the morning.  And they said yes!

So - we've got kids in our pew these days!  We pick them up for Sunday School and drop them back off after church!  Go go minivan!  And go go Greg and Dorinda who are not used to overseeing youngsters!  (AHHH!  What is this 4 year old doing in my pew?  Am I supposed to watch him?!?)  Pray that P. and A. will join us as well.  We've invited them, but they're not sure yet.  There's a special series started this Wednesday specifically for people who are asking questions.  Pray that they'll come!

Greg and I went to Pizza Hut this evening and ended up talking to the employee packaging the silverware.  We ended up inviting her to come to church with us too!  "Where do you go?" she asked. "The Assembly of God?"

"Yes!" we answered, a bit startled.

"I've already been invited there several times!  Bobby invited me.  And Travis invited me.  Maybe I'll come tomorrow.  We'll see..."

Pray! :)  and Praise God for these opportunities we've had to share! :)

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