Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Signs from India

I found a long lost file today.  I thought it had been lost forever.  The title: Road Signs.  These are actual road signs that I saw while I was traveling through India in 2005.  I didn't get any pictures taken of them, but if you search, you can find quite a few.  Here's the few that I managed to write down during my travels:

  • Impatient while driving - Patient in hospital
  • No dreaming while driving
  • Life is precious than speed
  • Reach home in peace, not pieces
  • A cat has nine lives - You only have one
  • Driving safely ensure safety
  • High speed is a thriller but a certain killer
  • Better late in this world than first in that world
  • Lane driving is safe driving
  • Become a hero by making accidents zero
  • Control your nerves on curves
  • Don't be hasty - Drive with safety
  • Always believe in safe driving
  • Fast drive may be last drive
I think my favorite was "Lane driving is safe driving."  What?  Someone in India uses lanes?!?  I think my new favorite (spotted on Google images) is "Safety on road is safe tea at home."


pearlsprecious said...

I love those! Kinda Ironic :)

Ellie said...

these are great!