Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sharing Who You Are

Random question: Are you a good person?

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This evening's activity: enjoying a cookout with the Bethany Church Wilderness Ministry group.  Greg had been involved with the group when he was in Seattle in the past, so we decided to connect up with some old friends and meet new ones.  We had a great time and enjoyed some good conversations and heard about some really cool upcoming hikes!

We conversed with one middle-aged couple for quite some time.  They had a heart for the Lord and for missions and were really good at drawing people out in conversation.  I had been thinking about a particular topic for a while, so I decided to ask this gentleman, thinking he would have a good answer.

"What ways do you find to share your faith with others here in the Seattle area?  I would imagine it being a different sharing environment than in the mid-west.  What have you found to be effective in sharing Christ with others?"

The gentleman pondered for a moment and replied, "If you mean point-by-point sharing my faith with someone, I haven't done that in years.  So I guess I can't answer your question."  I tried making the question a little broader, but the answer was basically the same.

It made me think back to when I was at GFA and the Lord was convicting me for not deliberately sharing my faith with the world around me.  That was a gigantic, scary step.  But should it be?  If our lives as Christians are truly centered around who Christ is and His glory and His greatness and his worthiness to be worshipped, what will it take to share that with the world around us?  We are quick to proudly talk about our spouses and our hobbies and our kids, but do we share that proudly and eagerly about our God?

I don't.  But I want to. Lord, help me to know you and savor you and represent you well.  May your life flow into mine and overflow so naturally that people can't help but see You as I live and share.  Place people in my path with whom I can share your truth.

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