Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Right. Thanks, God!

I think God's ornery.  Yesterday, I wrote about sharing our faith with others.  Today, missionaries from the Philippines are in the office.  She's been sharing their stories and stories of Gracia and Martin and their faithfulness to share the Gospel - even with the Abu-Sayyaf.  But she's also talking about us in the US.

As I type, she's sharing, "Start those relationships!  I have friends who are on dialysis.  I have friends who have to get weekly checkups.  Do you know what that means?  They see the same group of faces every week.  You see the same people too.  Your bank teller. Your grocery checkout person.  The person who cuts your hair.  Talk to them. Get to know them.  Find out about their life.  Ask them to lunch.  People are open to hear about God when you sincerely care about their lives.  All of us are missionaries where ever God puts us. Now get out there!"

Yes, God. :)

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