Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keeping the Fire

Greg and I are in Ohio, spending some time in person with the other LightSys staff. Usually, we all connect remotely, so it's nice to have some time to connect in person -- especially since this is only the second time I've spent much time at all with them! The Lord has provided a host family here who is letting us use their extra bedroom suite and they even have a donkey in the barn that likes to bray HEE-HAW and provide our evening entertainment. Much fun!

We were visiting with our hosts (P&B) in the kitchen the other day and they asked (seeing my shirt), "What does GFA stand for?" P&B are quite missions-minded, so I began to share about the work of the national pastors and missionaries and the support that the Gospel for Asia staff provide from stateside. And before I knew it, the stories were flowing. Stories of Pastor S. from North India and stories of the missionaries who sell their belongings and live in the slums just to be able to share the love of Christ. Stories from my 2005 trip to India and the villages and the cities and the SEND! magazine . Stories of the children in the slums and the Bridge of Hope schools and Jesus wells. A story of a little boy in a slum who caught my sleeve and led me to his tent home so I could meet his mother and his 10 day old little brother (pic above). Stories of how those two little boys are growing up with a relationship with the Almighty God because of a national pastor who cared enough to start a school in a congested, dirty slum.

And stories of urgency. of Time is short. Every day, the enemy is using wars and famine and genocide and disease to take people to hell. Every day, people slip into eternity without ever hearing the name of Christ. And we - we have to do something! We know the truth. We know the message of salvation. We have to keep working, to keep praying, to keep our focus on what is most effective for the Kingdom.

Our hosts listened with interest, asking questions and prompting more stories. As we closed our conversation, P&B asked, "How long ago did you finish working with them?"

"Just last year."

"It shows," they said. "You haven't lost that fire."

"I know," I said, with a slightly sheepish smile on my face.

"And I don't want her to lose that fire," said Greg.

We gave them a free book. :)
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